January 18, 2017 - By Gregory Peele, Treasurer

We held the first business meeting of 2017 and accomplished a lot of housekeeping. We were honored to have Jim Turney, former chair of the Libertarian National Committee from 1985 through 1988, as our guest. Liberty lovers, come to our next business meeting on March 15th (ides of March) and take part in the movement to bring liberty to the Orange county, Florida masses.

Two amendments to our Constitution and By-Laws were approved to clarify the wording and intent of our mission, levels of membership, quorum, and public meeting notice requirements.

Please take note that our postal address has changed.

December 19, 2016 - By Gregory Peele, Treasurer

We held our first business meeting with our new Executive Committee at our usual venue. Each new officer gave a speech outlining their view of liberty and its role in executing their office. Please check out our new Chair's speech in the above video. Congratulations to Jonathan Scocco for his appointment to the Membership Committee, which now has taken on the responsibilities of the dissolved Events Committee.

Voting members for the next meeting should review the two sets of bylaws amendments proposed for a vote at our January 18 meeting: 

The proposed bylaws amendments regarding special elections was not approved for a vote due to issues raised during the discussion.

November 16, 2016 - By Gregory Peele, Treasurer

We're proud to announce the affiliate officer elections for 2016.