March 11, 2017 - By Gregory Peele, Treasurer

We were honored to support and attend an exciting regional conference hosted by the Libertarian Park of Polk County with extensive support from the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County. Lots of folks came from all over the state to listen, mingle, and work together to move the party forward. Of particular note is Randy Wiseman formally announcing his intent to run for Florida Governor as a Libertarian, which was picked up by the local TV news.

We also had quite the array of influential Libertarian guest speakers, including:

  • Thomas L. Knapp - pundit, activist, and 5-time LP candidate for office
  • James M. Ray - activist and former LP candidate for office providing a view of the party history
  • Marc Tancer - LPF Convention Committee Chair and current Director At-Large 3
  • Alison Foxall - LPF Communications Committee Chair and incumbent Director At-Large 1 seeking reelection
  • John Thompson - LPF Candidates Committee Chair
  • Greg Peele - LP Orange Treasurer and candidate for LPF Director At-Large 3
  • James Chipman - LPF Region 5 Representative and candidate for LPF Vice-Chair
  • Omar Recuero - LP Broward Vice-Chair and incumbent LPF Vice-Chair seeking reelection
  • Joseph Wendt - LPF Convention Committee Vice-Chair and candidate for LPF Vice-Chair
  • Char-Lez Braden - LP Manatee Treasurer and incumbent LPF Chair seeking reelection
  • Marcos Miralles - LP Miami-Dade Vice-Chair and candidate for LPF Chair

And, of course, lots of exciting side discussions and social mingling. Look forward to the results from the Libertarian Beard Contest from this event soon - our money is on our own Treasurer Greg Peele, but maybe there will be an upset?

March 6, 2017 - By Gregory Peele

This is what elected Libertarians can accomplish - standing for the rights of the people to make their own choices and always asking the question "Do we really need this ordinance? Do we really need to regulate this?"

Kudos to Councilman Grifoni of Marco Island in Collier County for being a voice of reason against an unnecessary moratorium on medical marijuana in his city.

Also, this is what elected Libertarians can accomplish - passionately defending government transparency and accountability and seeking to root out corruption. We don't want the public's money being spent at all, but if we must do so, we hold public servants accountable for using it with honor and integrity.

Kudos to Councilman Sullivan of Frostproof in Polk County for being a voice of government integrity in his city.

News Article - Frostproof seeks investigation into fire funds

February 15, 2017 - By Gregory Peele, Treasurer

We had a great February monthly business meeting! We were honored to have Joseph Wendt, candidate for the Liberarian Party of Florida Vice-Chair, as our guest speaker. We also thank Randy Wiseman, Libertarian for Florida Governor, for his cameo appearance.

The bylaws amendment to define procedures for handling officer vacancies and special elections was authorized for a vote at our March 15th meeting. Voting members should review this proposal before the meeting - Proposed Bylaws Amendments 2017-02 Special Election.

We approved the creation of two committees to take direct action in promoting liberty in Orange County.

We congratulate Brian Ferris on his appointment as the first Chair of the Candidates Committee to evaluate local political races, seek out and support qualified candidates, and evaluate liberty-friendliness of elected officials.

February 20, 2017 - By Gregory Peele, Treasurer

Karissa Gandee, an officer in one of our sister affiliates - the Libertarian Party of Citrus County - lays out the truth about Kratom and shows how this proposed ban (HB 183 and SB 434) is motivated by money, not by health or safety, and certainly not by liberty. Given the exception for FDA-approved uses, it effectively enables pharmaceutical companies to get a government monopoly over a natural substance that has a long history of use - not unlike marijuana.

Contact your Florida representative and senator and let them know to oppose this misguided ban!

February 7, 2017 - By Gregory Peele, Treasurer

Bad news Orange liberty lovers - While the red light camera ban did pass the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the companion Senate bill SB 178 was unexpectedly flatlined in the Florida Senate by the vote of two senators. Senators George Gainer (R-2) and Kevin Rader (D-29) voted to kill the ban in the Senate Transportation subcommittee in a 2-2 vote, derailing its forward progress in the Senate this year.

This is especially galling because the fifth committee member in favor of the ban was unable to attend due to health reasons, and Senator Gainer was supposed to be in favor and inexplicably voted no. His district is extremely rural north Florida covering Bay, Holmes, Jackson, Washington, Walton, and part of Okaloosa counties, which don't have enough traffic to even warrant the discussion. If you know anyone in his district or in Senator Rader's district covering parts of Broward and Palm Beach, make sure they're aware of their votes to prioritize rewarding companies with fines collected from citizens at the expense of public safety and the legal right to confront your accuser.