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Libertarian Party of Florida leadership went all-in opposing Florida Senate Bill 7026, the Republican gun control bill. Surreal, right? We have guys on the ground fighting hard for our #2A rights, since the other two parties sure aren't.

How can you help?

📞 If you live in Florida, call your State Senator's district office. Email them. Crash their district office in person. Tell them you oppose this. They notice, and they know that for every one person that speaks, 100 more feel the way. Alison Foxall, Libertarian's email was top on the list for her State Senator. They know who we are. And some of them are scared.

🤔 And be smart about it - hammer Republicans on gun rights and spending of course, but anti-gun Democrats also have issues with the 4th amendment violations (we all know those will target minorities), are mad the bill DOESN'T have an "assault" weapons ban, and even though we're cool with teachers being able to carry, they'll be squirrelly about it. A no is still a no.

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