By Patrick Floto, Candidates Committee Chair


Less than 24 hours ago, Republican Richard Corcoran attempted to justify the erosion of due process and the willingness to forfeit state and local autonomy in the #sanctuarycitiesdebate with Democrat Andrew Gillum.

He did so out of fear of crimes committed by a few thousand of the TENS OF MILLIONS of undocumented immigrants living peacefully and productively in this country.

Less than 3 hours ago, Democrats U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie MurphyRepresentative Carlos Guillermo Smith and Anna For Florida jumped on the opportunity to make the #Parkland shooting a political football to advance their slippery slope ideology of #guncontrol before they even knew if their proposed legislation would have had any effect on today's events.

They did so out of fear of tens of thousands of gun homicides that make up a fraction of the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of privately owned firearms in the United States. Their restrictions are incremental, don't be fooled by buzzwords such as "commonsense reform" or "assault weapons." The death toll today was surpassed 11 years ago in the Virginia Tech Massacre, in which the assailant was armed with only two small-caliber handguns killed 32 and wounded 17.

Red or Blue, these are the policies of cowards. These blankets of legislation used by cowards to hide from their fears are quilted from the rights sheared away from people who are not like them. If you are not an undocumented immigrant, you lose nothing when families are torn apart for the crime of trying to live the American Dream. If you have no interest in owning a firearm, you lose nothing by creating felons out of law abiding citizens who chose to do so. The willingness to take from others to construct their illusion makes them worse than cowards: it makes them tyrants.

There is an alternative that will never succumb to the temptation of outrage and always maintain that freedom shall not be traded for the illusion of security. We are the Libertarian Party and we're looking for a few good candidates. If you have the moral integrity to stand up for principle in the most emotionally exhaustive times we would like to hear from you.


Patrick Floto,

Candidates Committee Chairman,

Libertarian Party of Orange County

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