July 19, 2017

By Greg Peele, Treasurer

I have a particular point of pride in our affiliate. Last night's business meeting at Orlando Brewing was, I believe, an inflection point in our progress.

Our Membership Chair Zach Detwiler presented a three-phase membership recruiting plan with the goal to triple active EC members, streamline volunteer placement and tasking, and greatly broaden our wider voter registration and support base so we can reach sustainable five-figure donations in a year. We also welcomed a new member at this meeting!

Our Candidates Chair Denise Wissmueller highlighted that we now know and can recruit for all 135 positions in Orange County, with a goal to have Libertarians running for at least 1/3 of them, and a local candidates plan that reaches to 2020. We also had our first local candidate indicate an interest in running - Frank Severino for Urban Orlando Community Development District.

Our Platform Chair Wayne Jackman recruited his committee members and started work to develop the LP Orange Platform derived from the LPF Platform.

Compared to the rest of them, I'm slacking off as Finance Committee Chair since I'm merely working on budgeting and setting up online donations. But we did raise the highest donations in a single event since my record keeping has begun, a phrase I hope to keep using often in the future.

We reauthorized the funding for our communications infrastructure, including this website, our Facebook advertising, and to upgrade our Meetup Group, which has grown spectacularly and hit the limit of the lower tier plan we started with.

At a structural level, we also instituted official written committee and officer reports (available to affiliate members) and committed to publicly posting the official business meeting minutes on our web site for transparency.