Victory on Amendment 4!
64% of Floridians - and impressively 72% of Orange County voters - said that enough was enough. That once you served your time you shouldn't have to beg to maybe be allowed to vote if it pleased the Crown. That Floridians believe in second chances.
Rights are rights, and we're one step closer to limiting punishment for crimes to only the sentence served.
Considering all the races where 1.5 million voters could have changed the outcome, we hope this will inspire all candidates across the political spectrum to consider what these new voters might care about. We have some suggestions: ending the Drug War, criminal justice and sentencing reform, combating police and prison abuse, and maybe even self-defense rights.
One sad thing we noticed in debating this amendment is that so many assumed that ex-felons would automatically vote Democrat and either supported or it opposed purely on whether it helped their team color win, rather than asking what was right on principle.
Given the harsh and occasionally racist rhetoric and the doubling down on the failed Drug War that many Republicans advocated, it's understandable why many of these new voters won't feel particularly welcome in that party.
But these voters have also been on the receiving end of big government and know full well what that means. Many have served time for victimless "crimes" that hurt no one. Some were locked up by crooked cops on falsified evidence. And, especially in Orange County, they have seen the police state just as thoroughly enforced by establishment Democrats as by Republicans. Some have lived in scenarios where defending themselves was a must. And of course, people care about many economic and social issues regardless of their background. So do the Democrats really have anything to offer them beyond identity politics?
We welcome all who believe in defending the rights of every individual. No one person in Orange County has more rights than the rest. Want to oppose the authoritarian police state? Come be Libertarian with us. Help us to give them L.