Vote Cheat Sheet

  • Aye / Passed - Accept resignation of Chris Rose from Director At-Large 2
  • Recommited to Rules - 610 - Rules Report (rework for candidates)
  • Postponed Indefinitely - 634 - Grant $750 to Chaz
  • Aye / Passed - 635 - Disburse funds for audit
  • Aye / Passed - 636 - Amend standing rules (for financial impact disclosure)
  • Aye / Passed- 637 - Emergency funds for Communications
  • Aye / Passed - 638 - Grant funds to LP Volusia for a flag
  • Aye / Passed - 639 - Amend standing rules for calling EC meetings
  • Aye / Passed - 640 - Affiliate Alachua County
  • Aye / Passed - 641 - Affiliate Citrus County

Chair Report 

Accept Resignation of Chris Rose from Director At-Large 2 - Aye / Passed

Thank you Chris for all the hard work you've invested in the party over the past year. I wish you the best of fortune doing the work that you truly love in front of protests and county commission meetings.

Old Business

Motion No.: 610- Recommitted to Rules Committee

Title: TBD

Mover: Returned from Rules Committee

Text: I move to amend the Standing Rules as follows:

Article IV Election of Officers, Directors, Candidates

All Persons seeking party office, delegates to the national convention and nominees for the Florida Libertarian party slate of presidential electors must affirm the Non-aggression Principle and be registered to vote as Libertarians with the Florida Division of Elections.
a) All candidates for public office who seek to address the delegation at the annual business meeting must notify the secretary of their intention to run by e-mail or in writing no later than 45 days prior to the annual business meeting.
    b) All Persons seeking party office who plan not to attend the annual business meeting must notify the secretary of their intention to run by e-mail or in writing no later than 14 days prior to the annual business meeting to be credentialed.
    c) Persons seeking party office and intending to attend the annual business meeting should notify the secretary of their intention to run by e-mail or in writing at least 14 days prior to the annual business meeting to document their intent to serve in case of their unexpected absence at the time of their nomination.
d) Timely submission of the annual business meeting registration form, which shall include notice of nomination(s) sought,  shall suffice to convey intent.
e) Nominee eligibility and intent to serve is established by attending nominee's presentation of their delegate credentials, their name listed either on the secretary's list of credentialed candidates for party office, or the secretary's list of credentialed delegates in conjunction with an expression of intent as described in this section.
Section 3.
Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention of the Libertarian Party not otherwise
elected at an LPF State Convention shall be approved by the LPF Chair and the LPF Secretary
to be credentialed as delegates and alternates. Members of the LPF EC may be credentialed as
EX Officio Delegates at any time. All delegates and alternates must be registered to vote as
Libertarians in Florida and be members of the LPF.

Section 4.
Notice of all party meetings shall be provided and include the time, date, and place (or
telephone conference number, internet URL, and login information where applicable) at least
fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting date. Notice of meetings, including the above referenced
information, shall be published on the official Libertarian Party of Florida website at at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting date.

Section 5.
In a presidential election year, the Executive Committee shall nominate presidential electors
equal to the total number of U.S. Representatives and Senators in the State of Florida. The list
of presidential elector nominees shall be presented to the Governor prior to September 1st, or
as required by law.

Section 6.
All committee seats apportioned to Florida by the Libertarian National Committee shall be filled
by current LPF registered voters who are Members of the Florida Libertarian Party and who are
also members of the National Party with appointment by the state chair and confirmation by the
state executive committee. Appointees may be recalled by majority vote of the full state
executive committee.

and to amend the Standing Rules as follows:

Article XIII   
Section 1:

   The Libertarian Party of Florida may provide financial and logistical campaign support, and conduct campaign activities only for Certified officialLibertarian Candidates as defined by Article IX in the LPF Constitution
   Section 2. The Executive Committee is responsible for approving candidates who are recommended by the Selection Committee to run for public office. Candidates who have been both recommended by the Selection Committee and approved by the Executive Committee shall be known as Certified Libertarian Candidates. Certified Libertarian Candidates are eligible to receive financial and logistical campaign support from the LPF in accordance with applicable Florida and Federal law, and strictly at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the LPF in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Rules. The Executive Committee shall be the sole authority to authorize contributions to political candidates from LPF party funds, formally endorse statewide candidates for political office, and approve LPF contractual agreements with candidate campaigns. Logistics support and any other non-financial assistance to candidates may be provided by committees and Executive Committee members at their discretion in accordance with the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules. 
   Section 3. County executive committees may endorse, certify, screen, or otherwise recommend one or more official Libertarian candidates as defined in the LPF Constitution for party nomination for election by majority vote of the county executive committee at any business meeting called with proper notice prior to the qualifying date(s) for the candidate(s) per the requirements of F.S. 103.121(4). This section only applies to LPF partisan political candidates prior to the qualifying period and does not limit the county executive committee in any way regarding non-partisan candidates. 

   Section 4. The Executive Committee shall make party nominations for political office when required by law, such as to replace a candidate that withdrew after becoming the party nominee, at the next business meeting after receiving notice that such nomination is required. Any LPF member that would meet meets the criteria to be for an official Libertarian candidate may be nominated for consideration by any member of the Executive Committee member. The nominee receiving a majority vote at the business meeting, if any, shall become the party's nominee for the office. "None of the Above" shall be an option for the nomination, and no nomination will be made if "None of the Above" receives a majority vote. Should "None of the Above" win the election, the floor shall be open again for nominations, and none of the losing nominees shall be nominated again. The EC shall continue these elections until it elects a nominee.

Analysis: The Rules Committee had split my very lengthy proposal into three pieces (looks like all three pieces are being moved as a unit). The first piece implements amendments to clarify various requirements for seeking party office and to remove dangling references to the abolished Selection Committee. The Rules Committee amended the original motion, but these changes look good as written and I believe we should go ahead and honor their hard work by voting in favor. Various minor amendments were made to the pieces, and I agree with the proposal Rules has put such detailed thought into. This particular piece implements two statutory requirements on the LPF bylaws regarding candidates, so I believe it is important to pass it, especially in light of the hard work the Rules Committee put into it. It also removes a dangling reference tot he abolished Selection Committee.

Review: The motion wasn't transcribed properly for the meeting, so Philippe asked to recommit it to Rules to get it fixes. I figured I should honor the Rules Chair's request.

Motion No.: 634 - Postponed Indefinitely

Title: Motion to grant $750 to Chaz Sanders

Text: I move to grant $750 to Chaz Sanders for his assistance with LPF fundraising.

Analysis: This motion was postponed to investigate concerns about potential tax and payroll liability for such a direct payment to someone operating at the direction of the EC. In the interim, thanks to initiative taken by Director Rose, funds to Chaz Sanders were provided in the specified amount through individual voluntary contributions. As such this motion is no longer necessary. However, it cannot be withdrawn, so I will recommend moving to postpone indefinitely as a way to indicate that we don't oppose the motion but it is no longer necessary. The motion will then sunset at Convention and go away.

Review: Marcos had wanted to amend the motion, however my vote to postpone indefinitely passed.

New Business

Motion No. 639 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to Amend Standing Rules for Calling EC Meetings

Mover: Greg Peele on behalf of Affiliate Support Committee

Text: I move to amend the LPF Standing Rules Article V Section 1 to strike the text “, or by the written request of a county affiliate” and to amend the last sentence to read “Notice for meetings shall be given in accordance with all requirements for such meetings.”

Analysis: This motion slightly differs from the one filed for the EC agenda due to a minor amendment passed by the Affiliate Support Committee after the fact. The change is within scope of the notice provided. This motion removes an unused mechanism for calling an Executive Committee meeting that the ASC determined had substantial potential for abuse (a single affiliate could endlessly call EC meetings) for little to no benefit regarding members' rights (nothing compelled EC members to actually attend said meetings). The motion was also unacceptable vague on notice requirements, however the ASC identified that notice requirements existed in at least three other places so the seemingly redundant notice requirement was substituted instead.

Motion No. 640 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to Affiliate Alachua County

Mover: Brandi Hicks on behalf of Ryan Ramsey

Text: Whereas the  Libertarian Party of Alachua County affiliate has fully complied with all requirements, rules, and procedures;
Whereas the Libertarian Party of Alachua County has formally petitioned the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee for recognition of affiliation status;
I motion that this body formally recognize and welcome the Libertarian Party of Alachua County as an affiliate of the LPF.

This motion is being presented because Alachua was past the deadline for the re-affiliation date, but has since turned in all paperwork to the Secretary and she has confirmed it is in order.

Supporting documents linked as follows:
Petition 2019:

Audit 2018:

 Analysis: The petition to affiliate and the audit are present and in order. Unfortunately, since this was a "late reaffiliation" which is legally speaking a new affiliation, the affiliate must also submit their Constitution and Bylaws again. While this may seem pedantic, that is how the process is currently written (the Affiliate Support Committee and Rules Committee have submitted a proposal for Convention to improve this process and avoid this scenario) and since the Bylaws cannot be suspended it would be out of order to make an exception. The Alachua Constitution and Bylaws are not present on their website (I encourage affiliates to do this, it's a good transparency measure anyways) but were submitted to the EC for review after the motion was filed. Assuming there aren't any blocking issues, we should be good to go. If a substantive issues is raised, I will probably move to postpone to an email vote so we can fix the issue cleanly without voting this down.

Motion No. 638 - Aye / Passed as Amended

Title: To grant up to $250 to the Libertarian Party of Volusia County for a sign.

Mover: J Mark Barfield on behalf of the Libertarian Party of Volusia County

Text: To grant up to $250 to the Libertarian Party of Volusia County for a sign. To authorize reimbursement to the Libertarian Party of Volusia County for an amount up to $250 for the purchase of a branded flag to be paid upon presentation of the purchase receipt to the LPF Treasurer.

Discussion: (Received 12: 17 April 23, 2019)

I am submitting this motion on behalf of the Libertarian Party of Volusia County EC per passage at the LPVC’s April 10th Busness Meeting for placement on the April 28th Libertarian Party of Florida EC Business Meeting: 

To request up to $250 funding for purchase of a branded Libertarian Party of Volusia County flag for tabling events for Libertarian Party of Volusia County.

Attached: “rough draft” of item. 13ft height.

Thanks you,
Joe Hannoush
Secretary, Libertarian Party of Volusia County

Analysis:  I enjoy the novelty of a county affiliate actually taking the time to request something specific from the LPF EC so I'm not opposed to the motion in principle. However, the motion as written has some procedural flaws: no deadline or target date is specified, so if LPVC needs the money by a specific date there is nothing requiring the LPF to do so. Worse, if the money is not obligated in the next week prior to Convention, the authorization (if approved) expires at Convention and will need to be reauthorized by the next Executive Committee to remain in force. Unless LPVC needs this money immediately, it would probably be better to submit it for the May EC meeting to avoid that sunset. Next, the money is an unconditional grant that is not contingent on receipts, so on one hand the LPF EC cannot enforce what LPVC spends the money on, but on the other the "up to" language without a receipt means the LPF could choose any amount from $0 to $250. Along those lines, it is highly unusual for the LPF to just give affiliates money for supplies - affiliates very strongly insist on their autonomy and as such are also expected to fundraise autonomously accordingly. Should the EC approve items like this, other affiliates will expect similar support and see this as special treatment if not so provided. Finally, the motion does not clarify what event(s) LPVC is targeting. It is my impression that LPVC already has tabling supplies so I would like to hear what value-add this is providing.

I think to fix this motion to make it possible for me to support, I would need to see it amended to require receipts submitted to the Treasurer to be paid as a reimbursement rather than an unconditional up front grant, verification from LPVC that they intend to expend the money prior to the LPF Convention (if not, it should be submitted again after Convention), and an explanation of what the flag will specifically be used for. Ideally I would prefer to see this done as a matching funds program to provide an incentive to assist with LPVC fundraising, but I haven't decided how strongly I would insist on this.

I move to amend the motion to replace the text "To grant up to $250 to the Libertarian Party of Volusia County for a sign" with "To authorize reimbursement to the Libertarian Party of Volusia County for an amount up to $250 for the purchase of a branded flag to be paid upon presentation of the purchase receipt to the LPF Treasurer."

Motion No. 637 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to budget funds for the Communications Committee

Mover: Omar Recuero on behalf of Chris Rose

Text: I move to grant the LPF Communications Committee an emergency budget of $250. 

This budget may only be used by the Committee in the event that waiting until the next regular meeting of the LPF EC is not a viable option for the Communications Committee to fulfill its responsibilities. 

At no time shall the Communications Committee use any amount of this budget without notifying the LPF EC by email within 12 hours of the funds being withdrawn.

The Communications Committee shall make readily available to the LPF EC a detailed report containing the total amount of this budget used and the emergency issue that arose leading to the funds being withdrawn.

Analysis: As this motion alludes to, unexpected issues can come up that require Communications to deploy funds more rapidly than the LPF EC can respond. This happened recently with a server load spike issue that required increasing our hosting capabilities, at least temporarily. I believe this motion, barring any minor issues in wording, is a good idea worth supporting. I will note that other EC members have pledged to move this motion should it be presented after Director Rose's resignation. Note that this authorization does expire at Convention, and I would encourage the next EC to reauthorize something similar or otherwise provide Communications with a formal budget that can adapt to real life situations.

Motion No. 636 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to Amend Standing Rules

Mover: Mari Peele

Text:I move to amend the Standing Rules to insert the following provision as Article V, Section 10: 

Motions put before the executive committee that authorize expenditure of funds shall include a statement of the maximum direct financial liability incurred if the motion were to pass. If the financial liability is unknown or unable to be calculated, then the motion shall include a statement that the financial liability is unknown and therefore unbounded.

Analysis: This motion is a small but helpful accountability measure for all EC motions that authorize expenditure of funds. Members should always craft such motions with the maximum possible direct financial liability to the party in mind. If the maximum direct liability cannot be determined, that is a huge red flag on whether the motion is a good idea. This will also streamline presentation of such motions since in almost all cases of motions authorizing funds that don't disclose this, the first discussion question almost invariable is "What is the total financial liability?"

Motion No. 635 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to disburse payment for audit

Mover: Steven Nekhaila

Text: Motion to authorize the disbursement of $1,350 to GARCIA & ORTIZ, P.A. for services rendered for the LPF annual audit as required by the State of Florida. Invoice attached.

Analysis: Given that the audit was performed as specified, the financial obligation has already been incurred, and there is no good reason to royally piss off our auditors by welching on it, I believe we should approve this expense. As unfortunate incidents this year showed, it would be wise for us to focus on better auditing.

Motion No. 641 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to Affiliate Citrus

Mover: Brandi Hicks on behalf of Mark Rodriguez

Text: I move to affiliate Citrus county.

Review: This motion was added to the agenda at the meeting since it was submitted late and the governing documents arrived after the motion submission deadline. I reviewed the documents prior to the meeting and found no substantive issues. I voted in favor of adding to the agenda and spoke to address concerns about the governing documents themselves.