Another month, more business to conduct. Yay.

Chair Report 

Confirm Appointment of Membership Committee - Aye / Passed

Text: Motion to confirm Membership Committee to be comprised of the following members:  Mike Avi (Chair), Giovanna da Silva, Salvador Perez, and Spenser Garber.

Analysis: This removes Angela Kunz and appoints Mike Avi as the Chair. While I love and have the utmost respect for Angela, it is my perception (we'll see in discussion) that life threw her some curve balls and she has not had the time to allocate this position that she originally planned. Membership is one of the most important committees in the LPF, and we desperately need a leader who has the bandwidth to support it. Mike Avi has demonstrated his leadership in Students for Liberty and previously served as the LPF Region 3 Representative, so I can see him as a good next choice.

Review: The committee change passed without discussion.

New Business

Motion 594 - Aye / Passed with Amendment

Title: Motion to allocate $500 to the fundraising committee chair

Mover: Marcos Miralles

Text: I move to allocate $500 to the fundraising committee chair, Mr. Marc Golob, to use at his discretion.

Description: $500 is a small amount of money that can be used for pins, letters, gifts, rewards, and relationship building for the LPF, and its donors. Empowering our fundraising chair with a reserve is a good idea, in case there are last minute purchases that need to be made.

Analysis: So, I'm not sure that this motion is very well worded and I am aware of a proposed amendment that would clarify the intent, something along the lines of:

"I move to authorize a non-recurring budget of up to $500 for the Fundraising Committee to use for incidental meeting expenses with donors and fundraising events, with receipts to be submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement or payment. This amount also shall include a disbursement to the Fundraising Committee Chair for $100 of petty cash."

Setting aside the wording, however, I totally agree with the intent of the motion. Our Fundraising Chair has shown great motivation and success in performing his duties. Meeting with potential donors, organizing fundraising events at affiliates, and so on can require a large number of small incidental expenses that would be a huge amount of red tape to approve individually. I feel that Mr. Golob has earned our trust and shown that he is a good steward of our funds and I would be happy to allocate any funds to him that he believes he can use to multiply his success.

Review: The amendment passed without objection as did the main motion.

Motion 595 - Aye / Passed

Title:  Motion to confirm 2019 LPF State Convention contract

Mover: Chris Rose II

Text: On behalf of the Convention Committee, I move to certify and confirm the agreement and dates for the 2019 LPF State Convention, as expressed in the contract below.

The contract was signed on September 21, 2018. The dates for the Convention are May 3-5, 2019.

Please see the link below for the signed contract:

Analysis: I have read the proposed contract and do not have any issues or objections with the contract itself. However, I am aware of concerns that have been brought up that our proposed dates of May 4-6 conflict with university graduation, which would largely preclude university student attendance. This exposes a wider issue that planning conventions in May is not ideal, since there are also holiday conflicts involving Mother's Day and Memorial Day. I would like to see a discussion of whether it's possible to shift the convention date later - possibly even to June - so we can advertise and capture student attendance. If it is not possible, then this is an issue I at least want to see considered in future off-year LPF Convention planning, but I will otherwise vote in favor of the contract absent any compelling reason to do otherwise. Note that we are almost at six months out prior to the proposed dates, which is about the latest that I think it prudent to wait, so I would prefer to make a final decision at this meeting and not wait another month.

Review: I brought up the concerns about the date, which Mr. Detwiler fully responded to - as suspected the other date options were less ideal and any other changes would significantly push out the Convention. So it can't be helped this year. But I hope the 2021 convention will incorporate this feedback (2020 will have to be earlier due to the LNC).

Motion 596 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to take a "no" stance on proposed Florida Constitutional Amendment 12

Mover: Chris Rose II

Text: At our September meeting, the LPF Executive Committee voted to reject the Legislative Action Committee's recommendation of a "yes" position on the proposed Florida Constitutional Amendment 12. As it stands currently, we do not have an official position on this Amendment.  I am moving to take a "no" stance, given that the proposed Amendment, if passed, would infringe on the right to freedom of speech and freedom of association for private individuals no longer elected into public service -- and disenfranchises constituents from maintaining their rightful ultimate authority over whom they choose to put in power over them.

Please see the link below for the LAC report:

Analysis: It's a bit late for this motion to be useful, early voting has already commenced and the final election is in less than two weeks. But, for the sake of principle, I plan to vote yes. We need to finalize our constitutional amendment process earlier in the election cycle so we can actually influence the outcome. I agreed with Director Rose's principles while I also acknowledge concerns about the optics of  "pay to play" lobbyists. Ultimately, Amendment 12 is totally toothless (the legislature "may" enforce it) so it's purely a symbolic feel-good measure regardless.

Review: Libertarians have come to different conclusions on this amendment in good faith. I certainly can appreciate the distaste for lobbying. But I voted in favor on a basic rights basis plus my prior observation that the amendment is totally toothless.

Motion 597 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to Refer Broward Affiliate's Request to Rules Committee

Mover: Suzanne Gilmore

Text: I move to refer the inquiry request by the Broward County LPF affiliate regarding compliance with Florida Statutes to the Rules Committee for a report and recommendation for action to be presented at the following regularly scheduled LPF EC Meeting.

Please see the link below for letter from the affiliate:

Analysis: I'm not going to get into a deep analysis of the lengthy inquiry. I'm not entirely sure how this particular issue came about in Broward (I definitely have questions about how some of this even ended up being relevant) but I will vote aye on this motion purely on procedural grounds that the Rules Committee is the right place to prepare a response to this inquiry.

Review: Passed without discussion.

Motion 598 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to Amend 5-Day Motion Submission Rule to Specify Method    

Mover: Greg Peele

Text: I move to amend Standing Rule Article V Section 9 to insert after "Members of the Executive Committee must submit " the text "to the designated location on the LPF Forum and/or the official LPF Executive Committee email address"  and to replace "any motions to be included by the Secretary" with "all motions to be included by the Secretary"

Analysis: The originating motion 558 that creating Article V Section 9 established a deadline for submission of motions to be automatically included on the agenda so that motions are visible to the EC in advance of the meetings for discussion, strategizing, and informal debate, but did not establish what methods constituted submission.  The current process unintentionally allows private submission of motions to the Secretary, submission by channels difficult to review after the fact such as Discord, and so on. This amendment clarifies this ambiguity so that only submissions that are visible to the entire Executive Committee through reasonably official channels are considered submitted on time and to clarify that only such motions are allowed to be automatically included on the agenda.

Review: Passed without discussion.

Motion 599 - Aye / Passed

Title: Motion to Remove Redundant Standing Rule on Suspension    

Mover: Greg Peele

Text: I move to strike Standing Rule Article V Section 4 and Section 7 in their entirety and renumber the following sections accordingly.

Analysis: These rules are redundant with (and slightly conflict with) Bylaws Article II Sections 4, 5, and 6 and as such are already out of order being overridden by the Bylaws.

Standing Rule Article V currently reads:

Section 4

The Executive Committee, after review with the affiliate concerned, may, by a two thirds vote, suspend the affiliation of a county party, a member of the party, or an officer or director of the Executive Committee.

Section 7

Upon suspension of an officer of the party or a member of the executive committee, the officer or member may appeal the suspension in writing within 30 days. If no appeal is made by the suspended officer or member, they shall be removed from office upon expiration of the 30-day appeal period. If an appeal is made, the executive committee shall review the appeal and vote upon removal at the next regularly scheduled executive committee meeting. A 2/3 majority vote for will be required to remove the suspended officer or member. Should the vote fail, the suspension will be lifted.


Bylaws Article II currently reads:

Section 4.

Suspension of county affiliated parties shall be reserved to the

Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the power to

suspend affiliate status from any organization by two-thirds vote. Such

notification of suspension is subject to a written appeal within thirty (30)

days of the notification of suspension. Failure to appeal shall be interpreted

as an act of secession by the affiliate. The suspension shall not be made

within a period of six (6) months subsequent to an Annual Business Meeting.

Section 5.

The affiliate may appeal to the next Annual Business Meeting for


Section 6

Any member of the Libertarian Party of Florida, or member of the

Executive Committee, may be suspended by two-third vote of the executive

committee for violation of the Non-Aggression oath. Upon suspension of a

member of the party or a member of the Executive Committee, the officer or

member may appeal the suspension in writing within 30 days. If no appeal is

made by the suspended officer or member, they shall be removed from

office, and have their membership revoked, upon expiration of the 30 day

appeal period. If an appeal is made, the executive committee shall review the

appeal and vote upon removal at the next regularly scheduled executive

committee meeting. A three-fourths vote will be required to remove the

appealing suspended officer or member. Should the vote fail, the suspension

will be lifted and membership and/or Executive Committee status shall be

fully restored. Should the three-fourths vote pass, membership shall be

revoked for a period of one year, at which time the member shall be eligible

to reapply for membership as defined in Article 2 of the Constitution, or by

majority vote of the delegation at the next annual meeting. After a member

has been reinstated, should that individual's membership be revoked as

outlined above a second time, the revocation shall become permanent, and

that individual will no longer be eligible for membership in the LPF.

Review: Passed without discussion.

Motion 600 - Aye / Passed with Amendment

Motion No.: 600

Title: Motion to confirm resolution of gratitude

Mover: Chris Rose II

Text: I move to ratify the following resolution:

We, the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida, on behalf of Party members, wish to formally recognize for true diligence and unyielding performance, the volunteers whose participation served in the recent reincarnation of the State Party website

Chris Wiggins

Chaz Sanders

Zach Detwiler

J. Mark Barfield

Perry Love

carry with them our gratitude, heartfelt appreciation and thanks.


Done this day, 28 October, in the year of our Lord 2018.

Analysis: While I am indeed thankful for our team that put together the new website - which was a major task, massive props to all of you - the feedback I've received from our membership on this motion is that they consider resolutions like this to be pointless fluffing on an already long call. Nothing prevents Director Rose from thanking these people himself, and nothing prevents informally asking Chair Miralles to do so publicly on behalf of the Executive Committee. I can't in good conscience vote against this, but I will abstain since I don't think this is a good use of our time. I am aware of a proposed amendment that will strike the date formulation of "in the year of our Lord" and instead use a standard form of "October 28, 2018" - while I don't particularly care one way or the other, I will support the amendment purely on style grounds to bring the date in conformance with the date formatting of all other motions we have ever made.

Amendment 1: Strike "in the year of our Lord" - Abstain / Passed

Review: After Director Rose clarified that this date format has been used before, I decided I didn't care to play this game and just abstained. on the amendment. I intended to abstain on the main motion as well but didn't speak up in time, so I guess I was counted as an aye since there were no nays. I didn't care enough to contest it, and as I said, I legitimately am thankful to the website team for a job well done.