Libertarian Party of Orange County, Fl.

Business Meeting Minutes

February 19th, 2019


The regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Orange County, Fl. was called to order at 7:35pm on February 19th, 2019 at Orlando Brewing by Chair – Derek Ryan.


Executive Committee: Derek Ryan – Chair, Pedro Geliga – Vice Chair, Mari Morrell – Secretary, Greg Peele - Treasurer, Wayne Jackman – Platform Chair

Voting Members: None

Regular Members: None

Guests: Ralph Grover, Scott Cox, Izzy Aly

Determination of Quorum

Quorum of voting members was established.

Approval and Adoption of Agenda

Greg Peele moved amend the agenda to add a motion to new business that would state: I move to increase the finance committee annual mail budget from $90.00 to $110.00. Wayne seconded the motion to amend. Passed unanimously.

Wayne moved to adopt the amended agenda. Pedro seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes

Wayne Jackman made a motion to accept the minutes from the January 15th, 2018 business meeting. The motion was seconded by Greg Peele and passed unanimously.

Guest Speaker – none


State Party Coordination Report – Greg Peele

Chair Report –Derek Ryan

Vice-Chair Report – Pedro Geliga

Secretary Report – Mari Morrell

Treasurer Report – Greg Peele

By-Laws Report – No Report

Communications Report – Greg Peele

Finance Report – No Report

Membership Report – No Report

Candidates Report – Greg Peele


Wayne Jackman moved to take a five-minute break and the motion was seconded by Derek Ryan. It was approved by unanimous consent.


Platform Report – No Report


Old Business

Motion 19-006: Amending Governing Documents to Define Excused Absences (second reading)

Mover: Greg Peele

Main Motion Disposition: passed unanimously

Special Rule of Order: Constitutional amendments must be approved by ¾ vote on their second hearing.

Text: I move to amend the Constitution to add a section to define the police for excusing absences as described in Constitution and By-Laws Amendment - Motion 19-006 Excused Absences (Appendix A)


New Business

Motion 19-007: Motion to Increase the Finance Committee Annual Mail Budget

Mover: Greg Peele

Second: Mari Morrell

Disposition: passed unanimously

Text: I move to increase the finance committee annual mail budget from $90.00 to $110.00.

Open Discussion


Pedro Geliga made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Greg Peele and it was approved by a unanimous vote.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20pm by Chair – Derek Ryan. The next business meeting will be at 7:00pm on 19, 2019, at Orlando Brewing.


Minutes submitted by: Mari Morrell

Approved by:

Appendix A: Constitution and By-Laws Amendment - Motion 19-006 Excused Absences



Article I: Name and Object

(no changes)


Article II: Membership and Dues

Section I

(no changes)

Section II

An active member is defined as any person who is a regular member and has attended attends 6 of the previous 12 or 4 of the previous 6 regular business meetings. An active member who does not maintain the required attendance shall automatically become a regular member. If any member provides good and sufficient reason for an absence from a business meeting, the absence may be excused by a two-thirds vote. Absences from special called meetings and absences incurred by public officials due to conducting official duties shall be automatically excused. Excused absences shall be treated as if the member were in attendance at the business meeting for the purposes of determining active membership status and for requirements of state law, but not for any other purpose, including but not limited to determining quorum, threshold for passing motions, etc.

Section III

(no changes in remainder of Constitution or Bylaws)