We welcome your involvement in the Libertarian Party of Orange County! There's a lot of work to do for liberty. We need your help.

Join the Party

Our membership is open to anyone who is willing to renounce the initiation of force for political and social goals. If, additionally, you would like to add your formal voice to our direction, you must additional be an Orange County resident and attend 4 out of 6 (or 6 out of 12) business meetings to be eligible to vote.

Work on a Committee

Our affiliate is structured with a number of committees: Finance, Communications, Membership, and Bylaws. If you would like to contribute your talents to one of these communities, your efforts will be highly welcome! Also, the state party (Libertarian Party of Florida) has a number of state-level committees that can use plenty of help.


Online donations will be available soon. In the meantime, please support us with cash or personal checks at our meetings! We can do a lot more advocacy (far more efficiently than the two older parties!) on a limited budget, but money is still the lifeblood of politics. The more resources we have, the more we can advocate for your liberties in Orange County.

Run for Office

Spread the voice of liberty in Orange County and beyond! We look forward to supporting you in your run. Please review our page on candidates to make sure you can make this commitment.

Contact Us

The Libertarian Party of Orange County officers are always available to listen to our community. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and don't hesitate to email us with any comments, question, or concern!